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Welcome to the course on correction of congenital and metabolic limb deformities!


In October, we will have two big names from the deformation correction area, with an emphasis on pediatric orthopedics, for a detailed discussion of reconstructing complex congenital deformities, such as congenital femur and hemimelia malformations, radial dysplasia and arthrogryposis (Dr. Dror Paley, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA) in addition to a discussion on correction of multiple deformities usually found in metabolic alterations and their treatment in the growing skeleton (Dr. François Fassier, Montreal, Canada).

Come to discuss and exchange information in a quite informal setting, contributing to improving how these complex conditions are treated in children. There will be a live surgery with an audience discussion, a workshop on the telescopic intramedullary rod given by Dr. François Fassier, an expert who developed the rod, involving technical and crucial details for executing this procedure.

We have scheduled a lot of interaction and moments for discussing cases and their complications. We want to bring bone reconstruction, hand surgery and pediatric orthopedic colleagues together, as well as colleagues interested in reconstruction as good orthopedic formation.


See you then!

Organizing Commission
Hospital do Servidor Público Estadual – São Paulo, Brazil

Live Surgery

Reconstruction of the hip and knee of a child with a congenital femoral deficiency.

Target Public

Focus on professionals connected to the area of limb reconstruction and elongation.
Hand Surgery
Pediatric Orthopedics

Main topics

- Reconstruction of congenital and metabolic deformities
- Congenital femoral deficiency
- Fibular hemimelia
- Tibial hemimelia
- Osteogenesis imperfecta
- Congenital pseudoarthrosis of the tibia
- Radial dysplasia
- Complex deformities of the lower and upper limbs


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